I watched Revolution OS, and I found it to be inspiring. Although I felt a slight bias, especially towards Microsoft. Microsoft isn’t the only proprietary software out there. The content was still good, but the way it was presented felt very bias, like the music, and clips of the evil Bill Gates, looking all evil. And then Linus, the father of two, with his cute little kids. Felt like I was watching an election campaign with baby kissing. Although, I can respect the tactics. I particularly liked when Microsoft used the existence of Linux in their defense. And it’s a good thing they played that little rock video at the end, and not at the start. I would of been very turned off.

It’s amazing what they have accomplished, bigger than Microsoft. Because of the nature of open source, as long as people are writting code, Linux will always be around.

I still prefer Windows as an OS, but I’ve also never paid for an OS, and never will. If left with the choice of free linux vs paying for windows, I’ll take Linux, but free Windows vs free Linux, I take Windows. I have used Linux when it’s needed, just on a daily casual basis I find Windows easier to use. And I prefer Apache over Windows Server. But in the end, they are both very usable>

I do on the other hand, hate MS Office. Hate it, I don’t think it’s usable. at all. and give me Gimp over photoshop anyday. Luckily, Gimp and OpenOffice can both be run on Windows. Oh, and I hate IE. I love Firefox, mostly because of one single addon in NoScript, but all personal decisions come down to one make or break feature. I still wouldn’t use IE if it did have NoScript, though.


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