I just read the New York Times article on Firefox and Google, and I think, after reading this, I hold loyalty, bias, and faith towards Firefox. Mostly, it’s the addons I like, something Chrome, to my knowledge, doesn’t have yet.

It’s also interesting to hear about Google and Mozilla parting ways. Something I have not heard of until this article, or is it New York Times taking something that’s not final, and make it sound more dramatic. in this article, it definitely sounded like Mozilla and Google were at war to the same degree as Microsoft, or is it simply that their partnership is shrinking, as Mozilla grows, as it should.

It’s interesting though, that sometimes, it’s such a small feature that puts someone on the top of a market. When left with two almost identical products, it can come down to one or two little things that decides which one gets picked up by the user, makes the choice easier, and the competition is good for all industries.


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