January 26th

Blog time.

Today we talked about our potential project for OSD, and I’m excited about learning the language Processing. It’s basically a more creative language for programming media and art. I like it’s potential for neat, unique, 3D or 2D, physics, and games.

The project would be transferring the language to be usable inside an html script tag. The task would consist of converting functions written in Java into Javascript. Allowing digital art, media and games to be run in a browser, without the need of applet software being installed. I’m a fan of Java, and java applets, because of how easy it is to distribute digital art through the web, and making that easier excites me not only as a programmer, but also as an artist. Maybe this will bring back my passion for art that has been beaten into submission!

I feel my proficiency in Java is strong, but my proficiency in Javascript is slipping away, and add a new language I don’t even know. It’s got everything. Keeps me sharp, shakes off the dust, and pushes me into strange new lands.

This is what excites me the most, for now. But I’m up for anything, and any challenge.

This is all for now, up to my knowledge on the subject. If I take the project, I’ll be blogging more on it.

I believe I’ve got to read and listen to some articles this week. Been putting that aside, and then totally ignored it in favour of this blog entry!


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