good morning

Alright, so last night I was officially assigned a new ticket, notably the string parsing one I talked about last post.

I have been thinking about how I’m going to do this, and I think I found a solution. I’m going to parse through the whole page with a replace regex, like is frequently done in the process, and replace all strings with <STRING n> where n is a unique, incrementing number, like how when an object is created, its replaced with <CLASS name> temporarily. Then hold all the strings in an array. I will do this before all the parsing begins, and once everything is complete, I will replace all <STRING n>’s with the appropriate string from the array. In this way, I’m masking the strings from the parser. I know the parser can move things around, so I think keeping track of them by a number, than relying on the order in which the strings appear, is a safer way to do it.

I’ve also still been working on #133. Specifically, trying to get the private word to work on a method. For now I’m stuck on it. I mention the problems in this post, which still stands.

The member keyword still works, and I think is finished, I just now have a bug where if in the Processing code someone assigns a private member inside a method, using something like this

this.num = num;

It will instead make a new var, “replacing” the one I already defined as private, and making this one not private. I’m not sure if this is beyond my scope at this moment, or if it should be tagged as a new, separate ticket. I show this problem here. After clicking through all the alerts, the black screen should NOT load, as I’m trying to call a private variable directly, but it works, because the private variable is being over written by this.num, which in javascript, is how one would make a public variable inside a class.


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