Testing of bug number 226

After an evening and morning of setting up an environment, my curiosity peaked when I was doing the tests on processing.js, so I decided to go back to my friend bug #226, and run that through some tests. This is the result!

Ah, I consider this interesting, compared to the tests on my blog post from this morning. I have to admit, I was disappointed… but it’s all part of the process. One of the obvious errors was strings was == null, and I was trying to access it’s length property. This was an easy fix, as I just needed to put the for loop into an if checking to see if strings was != null, like so.

if (strings != null)
for( var i = 0; l = i < strings.length; i++ ){
var ex = new RegExp("\<STRING " + i + "\>");
aCode = aCode.replace(ex, strings[i]);

I then re ran the test, and there was progress. Here are the results.

As you can see this is considerable progress from last test, but still down from the original test. So I still have work to do. Now I think I should redirect the results from both tests into a file, and see which errors are new, and start working on them.


So, I checked, and a lot of these errors I’m getting is simply because of an old build, so I’m adding all the string updates to the new Processing.js. I’ll probably post the results into a new post, though, as too many updates in one post, might make it hard for people to follow my progress.


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