Yesterday was not the most productive day, I sort of did little bits of work, on and off all day, amongst other things.

I did get something pushed into my repository by following these instructions throughout the day yesterday.

Only two things left to do.

6. Update the LightHouse ticket with your repo information as well as the url's of the tests.
7. Send annasob a pull request using the pull request button.

I’ve been going through other finished tickets, and looking at the tests they have completed. For example, this test here by Andor Salga is way better than mine, which is a good thing. It’s a guide, something for me to shoot for. I’ve actually noticed a few others using a very similar testing process. Maybe there is a guide on the processing.js lighthouse, and these are the standard tests? This seems like the last step, and there is still a week until release 0.1 is due.


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