finished ticket #226, and back to private

Alright, I finished and submitted my solution to the processing.js ticket #226, and pushed it into my github repository, which was accepted with some advice, and modifications. I was critiqued, for the first time, on my code style. For example, putting a space before and after a conditional statement, like.

if (foo) {



I even got nabbed for a spelling mistake inside a comment 😛

In other words, making sloppy code that works, might work in school, but it won’t work in a real project that consumers are not only going to be using, but developers will be maintaining. That is why this OSD class is so great. I know the concepts, I can figure out the syntax, and learn what I need from there for the problem solving. I just didn’t know the standards.

Now that that is done, I’m going back to #133. I will have to start from scratch, but I’ve looked at code in the source that I didn’t understand the first attempt, that I understand now after my work with ticket #226. My last post on ticket #133 still works, I can still make private work on variables, but I’m stuck on getting it to work on functions and nested classes. I don’t think it will be difficult to implement for inner classes, as it’s a variable, but functions are a problem. The way the parser applys functions is with the apply method, and I’m not sure how to tell that to be private. I’ve thought about bypassing the apply method for private only, or all in general, as I’m not 100% sure why the apply method is being used. For this one, I’m going to have to ponder, and read code for a day or two


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