Firefox build 2.0

In a post which seems like ages ago, I attempted to build Firefox, and, I believe I got it working, and I did, I suppose, but not to my standards.

After what I’ve learned from working on processing.js and setting up js.exe to use with Javascript, by building Firefox. I needed js.exe to work with javascript right on my box, and setting up a mozilla-build was the easiest way.

I thought this time, I would attempt not only building it again, but attempt some changes. Right now I’m building it to make sure it works under the new build I created for js.exe, then, I’ll make some changes (thanks for the push David).

My planned changes are simple (apparently 😛 ) I plan to add a feature, so when you open a new tab, you get the option to open an about:blank page, or your homepage. I’m pretty sure I know what I need to do, to do this. The step now is to start getting into the code and breaking it, and seeing what I can do :O

I will be back with more later (success/failure) as I plan on pulling an all nighter.

This Firefox build was more of a success than last time. This time I got Minefiled, which I’m using now to write this post. Last time, I ended up with Namoroka, which was pretty cool too because, and I wouldn’t know what it is if I did not stumble upon it.

Seriously, it’s easier than I thought.

I went though this code, and found the file tabbrowser.xml, then located it on my own box, and just did a simple edit. I added a simple


Inside the area that is used to reload a tab *shrugs* it looked like an easy place to find my change.

Recompiled it, not knowing if it would work, and expecting another 40 minutes compile time. This time, it was done in a matter of minutes, maybe 5 minutes? Anyway, I loaded up the new Firefox.exe and hit reload on a tab, and this was the result!

I know, it’s a silly update. But it worked. I think this was the hardest hurdle though, as the rest of it is just editing and playing with code, something I have experience in.

Final update:
I’m editing the “addtab” method in the tabbrowser.xml file with some success. The code is beginning to make sense, just so long as I stick to “addtab”. What I’ve done, after breaking it a few times, is this. I fist editied line 1044 to instead contain (!blank) to (true). I’m just testing here. Anyway, now that I broke the “about:blank” load, I was free to tell it to load any page I wanted, so I tested with a string of “” instead of aURI on line 1054, compiled, and reloaded. It worked, no point in a screenshot though as you’ll just see a new page of google… but yes, it worked. Every time I made a new tab, I was sent to google. Now, I’m testing the “browser.startup.homepage” property? I think that’s what it is, well, that’s what I’ll call it here in my blog, for now. I must close and finish this update in order to test, and I’ll continue tomorrow as it’s late, and I must wake up at 5.


2 Responses to “Firefox build 2.0”

  1. Nice post….I came across this line of code pertaining to the browser properties. I'll leave a link so you can check it out:

  2. Thank you sir, this is helpful.

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