Scott 1 : Firefox 0… 10

The Problem
Alright, I’ve been messing around with Firefox as described in two previous posts, here and here. Trying to make new tabs load your homepage.

The Solution
I got a solution that works perfectly (assuming you don’t mind alerts popping up while browsing…).

First, a HUGE thanks to Benjamin Huang and his post.

What I did was:
In tabbrowser.xml. Note, my copy is a slightly different version.

var blank = !aURI || (aURI == "about:blank");

if ( blank && confirm("would you like to load your homepage?")) {
aURI = gHomeButton.getHomePage();
blank = false;

I added a the if statement bellow the var blank statement. This made sense to me as it was an easier way to check everything, then if the page is blank (you don’t want the homepage to load when you click on a non new link) it prompts the user to open his/her homepage or not, then set blank to false.

The Conclusion
It’s sooooo easy, it just took me time to get there. And honestly, I don’t know how long it would of taken me to find gHomeButton.getHomePage() on my own, Benjamin Huang and his post are to thank for that one.


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