Today’s Challenge:

Today, I am going to see if I can edit what I created in my last post, but this time, when the mouse scrolls, I want the circle in this example to follow a circular track, and not an up and down track. Then before the end of the day, I will post my results.

So far, I believe this is what I must do.

  • Create a circle of x and y points, and store them in an array instead of drawing them to the screen
  • Sort the array’s points, as I cannot think of a way(yet) to draw a circle in the order it is used.
  • When the mouse wheel is moved up, go to the next point up in the array if it’s not the last one, if it’s the last one, go to the first. Same thing but reversed for mouse wheel down.

Update: I have created the circle, and set the point into an unsorted array.
Next: sort it, and apply the “track” to the mouse scroll

Update: To make my life and my computer’s life easier, I’m going to just create an arc, and sort the arc, then apply the arc three more times. Kinda like 1/4 of the circle, then must copy and paste it, flipping it, after the arc is sorted.

Update: And challenge complete.

Self reminder: As of this point, when I scroll the mouse, it moves the objects, but it will also scroll the scroll bar in the window, I want to figure out a way to disable this, while still allowing the mouse wheel to scroll the scroll bar when the user wants it.


2 Responses to “Today’s Challenge:”

  1. Excellent, thanks.

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