Study week project: day 0.5

This week (starting tomorrow), I’ll be going through and learning as much as I can of webGl and 3D programming.

I am doing this because it interests me, and this is the sort of stuff I wanted to learn when I first applied to Seneca. Although, what I have been learning up to this point has been great, and it’s all one piece of something valuable, sometimes, it doesn’t matter what. A challenge is a challenge.

I will start by going through these tutorials. See how far I get and how long it takes me. I’m not in any rush, and I don’t know how far I will end up. I hope to finish up these tutorials and just play around with it a bit. I would like to be able to create a house like object sitting on a flat green surface. I really don’t know what I’m getting into, though, so this objective might be too small, or too large, so we’ll see. Should be fun.

I skimmed through the tutorials, and they seem to move pretty quick, and it looks like it’s mostly the building blocks I will be doing, so that’s always good. 15 tutorials total, so obviously if I want to get through this in a week, I must do more than one a day, might be harder than expected *shrugs* The final tutorial has a spinning planet with a reflective water surface. So it’s got a moving, 3D shape with a texture, lighting, camera, and reflective surface. Start at the beginning I must.

That is all.


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