It’s been a week since I blogged, but I’ve been all over the place doing small stuff and getting organized, and there wasn’t much to say šŸ˜›

My 0.2 is due next week and I’ve got my mouse scroll awaiting review, and here is my post covering that, but I would like to get one more thing pushed out before next week is over.

I have the private keyword that I’ve been working on in the past, and kinda pushed it to the side in favour of string parsing. I figured I would go back to the private keyword but I noticed Corban Brook was working on this ticket, which may include an overhauling for the way processing.js handles the parsing of classes, which would make the way it handles the private keyword too, hopefully making it easier for me later. This excites me and I’m going to be following it, and pushing the private key word back to 0.3 along with another planned ticket to parse regex content much like I parsed string content.

Anyway, for now, I’ve decided to take on this one tabs break code. This is a bug that causes the code to crash if a tab is used in a certain place instead of a space. I have reproduced the bug and it seems to only work (the bug works, not the code:P) when there is a tab after a variable type, but before the variable name, like so:

int anInt = 0;

This does not work, but oddly enough, these example DO work:

int anInt = 0;
println (anInt);

The only place this causes the error (that I have found) is after the variable type and before the variable name. I printed off the translated code, after it’s been turned into javascript to see what’s going on, and this is the result of the above error:

int anInt = 0;

and if I take out the tab, I get:

var anInt = 0;

Which works, so obviously, the tab is stopping the conversion of variable names in java like int, to var in javascript. The solution is probably pretty easy, just need to look through the parser, look for the regex that converts variables to vars, and add in a condition for tabs


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