Quick little fix

Yesterday, while cruising the processing.js bug tracking website lightouse looking at the open tickets, and seeing what was happening I can across ticket #382.

It was small so I figured I might as well do it. Throw it in with my 0.2.

I’ve also started thinking about doing what I did here for string parsing to regular expressions. The first thing that comes to mind is the order in which I must do this. I can mask all strings first, then mask all regular expressions, or vice versa. I would have to replace them in the opposite order in which I mask them, that’s a given. I also have to now modify my as I now have to check if a string contains OR , as an example. I think it would be easiest to mask regex first, as I already have the code to check that it’s not in a string. So, use that code, find all regex’s not in a string, mask them, and any string like code inside the regex will already be gone, so I wouldn’t have to check for regex when I mask the strings, and replace again, but in reverse.


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