This release has been weird. My main, original tickets 230 and 133 for this release were not as expected.

Problems and Challenges

230 already existed, but just didn’t have any life, I just needed to breathe some life into it by writing some code to show it works, it was more of a documentation issue. The ticket is still awaiting review. I felt out of place with this one, and still do. I had a lot of fun writing it, and even more fun creating this example, but the fact that my code isn’t really going to be added, just, feels weird. What I think would be best, and I’ll push for this when the time comes. In the original processing there is a place on their website for hacks, basically, lists features, and shows examples, of things that can be done with processing through the use of java, that was not intended. What could happen in processing.js is sort of the same thing, a place on the website, that documents all the hacks that can be used, through the use of JavaScript inside the processing.js code, and this would be a big job, but something that should probably be done much later, maybe even after 1.0 of processing.js has been released. Until then, I feel like my 230 creation is a lost soul.

My other main ticket, ticket #133 also had issues. In the past I struggled with getting the private keyword to work on member functions, but the way processing.js created member functions, through using an addMember function, caused me issues. I would have to intercept the the addMember function, and create it my way. Although, Dave, was showing a trick in JavaScript, on how to make classes, with members, and it seemed to make a lot of sense. This is the code.

var counter = (function (){
var c = arguments[0];
var i = arguments[1];

return {
increase: function(){c+=i;},
getValue: function(){return c;}
})(1, 2);



Also, I have mentioned before, that Corban Brook is working on ticket #237 and talked about restructuring the way classes are parsed. I’ve been holding off working on ticket #133 prviate keyword because of possible changes.


What I did do for 0.2:
The main one, was the example used for 230, and the ticket itself.

I also did three little ones to to supplement this release.

I’ve done some review of other tickets, and found a ticket that was fixed from my 0.1 that I didn’t see. All easy stuff, but it adds up, and still must be done right.


This release has been very different than my last in terms of the work done, and I spent a lot less time trouble shooting, and more time creating tests and examples. I am still finding my groove. Finally, Corban said I could take a stab at ticket #237, I will probably do that and my private keyword at the same time, for my 0.3, and still try to get my regex parser fit in somehow, it shouldn’t be a problem as it’s really only two tickets, and all related to parsing, stuff I’ve been doing since the beginning of my stay here 🙂


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