OSD600 release 0.3

I guess technically I’m late on this release, but these things happen when you’re doing stuff with this 😉

I have been back and forth on this private ticket for while, trying different things, doing research, and then finally worked with Dave to get it perfect. I did get lots done on it, even thought it’s not all going to be used, I consider the research and work I did to be part of my 0.3. Here is a post on what me and Dave worked on, and this is a better foundation for future work in the class parser.

I also worked with Andor Salga. One of his 3D examples had a silly parser error, so I filed a ticket and fixed it. It was up for review, but I had to back up because it was relying on code from a previous fix that’s not going in. It was a simple parser fix, so it won’t be hard for me to re implement it when the time comes. Also, Andor has a way around it, so his 3D example does work now. This is the example he was working with, if anyone is interested.

I was able to fix, and not have to back up ticket #536 and it’s awaiting review.

I have learned one very important lesson; if two, or more bugs reside in the same spot in the code, I should consider keeping them in the same ticket, then I wouldn’t of had the problems I’m having with ticket #133, mainly, having to revert a bunch of my “peer review requested”. Really though, with the getters and setter, these are all going to be easy to refix (also, because I’ve already fixed them).


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