OSD600 is over

After tomorrow, I’m done this semester, and the real test begins: will I continue blogging between OSD600 and OSD700. It’s already been a week since my last post, but not because of being almost finished, but because of English assignments and exams, and right now I have a breather (I never study hard the night before the exam, I just make sure I didn’t miss anything). I would like to say I’ll continue blogging for as long as the internet lives, but time is a better test. I really do feel like I’ve found a great spot in open source, and I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to do at least one push to processing.js a day, while I study, big or small, at least one contribution.

Over the last week though, I’ve really got into irc, and branched into a few of the other channels, which have a totally different atmosphere than the processing.js channel. I got involved in the open source vs proprietary argument, which despite being educational and funny, really is never solved. I’ve tried to get some to at least try it before they slag it, but I guess for some programming is for money *shrugs*. I’ve told them to at least take the osd600 class in the fall, because they are quite promising students, just bias and not willing to try certain things. I tried explaining that open source is a good way to get work experience to get those jobs that make all the money they keep talking about. For them to take OSD600, they wouldn’t be programming for free, but for marks, and that’s what they do in all their other classes.


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