popcorn.js + processing.js + box2d.js

I started a little demo Friday night, which is why I didn’t do a blog post yesterday even though I said I would do one a day.

A blog a day is just a bar I set, that even if I fall short of it, every other day is still pretty good, better than none at all, and I still plan on shooting for one a day.

What this demo is, is just a simple hack of processing.js, popcorn.js and box2d.js, and a previous demo made by Andor Salga, (which is currently broken) which I stole,  and a video made by filmmaker Brett Gaylor of WebMadeMovies who is working closely with me during the creation of popcorn.js.

I had to add a small hack into popcorn.js, and do some fixing to allow subtitles to load on a custom div, instead of generating a default one, but it still generates a default if no target is specified.

Not much else to say, so check out the demo, you might need to refresh if subtitles don’t appear the first time (best to let the page fully load before hitting play, it seems)


2 Responses to “popcorn.js + processing.js + box2d.js”

  1. what a cool idea, I’m impressed

  2. […] + processing.js + box2d.js Part Deux Yesterday, I loaded up an old demo I made and blogged about a few months? back, and decided to add to it, and do some profiling and […]

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