grafiti markup language (GML) html5 player

I need to introduce everyone to Grafiti Markup Language, to quote “Graffiti Markup Language (GML) is a specifically formated XML file designed to be a common open structure for archiving gestural graffiti motion data into a text file.” Which is a very cool project and something I am getting excited to work on.

Today and yesterday I hacked together an HTML5 GML canvas player for displaying GML. I am basically porting this flash player into HTML5. This is the previous work done in this area by Jamie Wilkinson and for less than two days of work I have something to show. Still need to polish it up though. The original player had massive improvements by Nick Cammarata.

I still need to add support for the play and seek bar hiding when you scroll off of it, but that should be trivial, plus I want to do some optimization.

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