video presentation builder

Few days ago I made a demo for building a presentation website using a video. It took a weekend to initially build, and a few more days of tweaking with feedback from David Humphrey to get it just right. It really is amazing how you can take something raw, add feedback, and end up with something polished. It was a good workflow for me.

Two things I want to talk about.
– What it builds
– How to build it

What it builds: It builds a presentation of websites based on a video. So you would have a video describing or explaining something, say a book report, and throughout the book report you mention key characters and events in the book.

Now, when these events and characters are mentioned, you can load a webpage of the character or event to display with the video.

How to build it: It is really quite simple and has three steps, all of which require no coding.
Step 1: Enter a video URL. This is a video you can make, describing whatever it is you are presenting, like a book report. Then put that video online, or somewhere where you can have a link to it. The key is you need a link to a video.

Step 2: Open the menu on the left by scrolling over it, and use this menu to encode your webpages and resources you want displayed in the presentation, and the times these resources should be displayed, and for how long.

Step 3: Using firefox, go to file, Save Page As… and save the webpage somewhere. Now when you open saved webpage in a browser, it should have the video playing in the bottom right corner, and the encoded resource URLs displaying along with the video, at the encoded times.

I am open to even more feedback to polish it even further.


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