How I ask for help

A conversation I had today got me thinking. How do I ask for help?

I also have not done a blog about me, only about what I do, and I guess this is also sort of related to what I do, so I figured it would be a nice change, and something new for me to do.

I tend to not ask for help, or, it takes a lot for me to ask for help, or so I thought. There is more to it. I thought I didn’t ask questions often because when I do, I get more questions than answers. I think this is because in order to help someone, you need to know the context of the problem, which is understandable. This also usually means letting someone into your work flow, and no one has the same work flow, and everyone has a work flow that works for them, which means when they see someone elses work flow, they see problems, and said problems must be fixed (and probably with good reason) but it can be overwhelming when trying to deal with another problem, to now have two problems.

Another reason I felt I didn’t ask questions is because in order to ask a question, you need to understand the question, or run the fear of asking a stupid question, but if you are going to do research before asking, you might as well just go all the way and research the whole problem, no? no.

Maybe it is a simple matter of time. The time it takes me ask, you to understand, you to explain, might be as long as it took me to just research. This is remembering to ask takes up the time of two people. This is not always the case as a lot of times I learn tones by answering someone else question.

Maybe I am just better at googling than asking questions, and for the most part that probably works better for me, most of the time, but not all the time.

There is one time where I ask. I do not ask questions if I do not have an answer, I research when I am there. I ask when I have an abundance of answers, and am not sure which one would be best. I also like to ask questions when I can get a clear cut answer, and to ask the right person for the problem.

I am still working out the kinks in my method, but it has been working fine up to this point, and I am sure it will evolve without me even knowing.


One Response to “How I ask for help”

  1. james downe Says:

    I agree, though find from my own experiences that learning the true nuances of working with a team is learning both to understand someone else’s process and work flow, and trusting that their opinion is just as relevant and informed as your own. I know that takes time, a lot of time, and may be very generalized, but I feel it is pretty universal. The next step is learning to trust your own judgment when you have multiple answers, to filter though until you find the right one. And that, of course, takes time.

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