First week back at CDOT: CDOT-DashBoard

This is my first week back at CDOT, and we a handful of new faces.

So far four of the new faces are rocking blogs: dseifried, Jon Buckley, Chris De Cairos and dperit.

Our first task is an internal CDOT status board to display status updates and overviews of our CDOT projects. Also, to get everyone familiar with git, github, irc, each other, JavaSciprt, and the work flow.

We broke it into three major components:

Widgets for displaying quantifiable data in a visual form. This data and visual display is highly unique per widget.

A framework for displaying and registering widgets in an overall frame.

Finally, a php file for caching all this remote data into one location all widgets can access the data from. This reduces calls to the various APIs for data that is shared by many widgets.

I threw up a quick example of a simple usecase of the framework, and an example milestone widget.


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