Lighthouse logging me out and back in as someone else

The title is exactly what I thought was happening, despite how illogical it may sound, and also the first thing I desperately attempted to google, and as expected, google didn’t return anything. So I figured out why, and am now filling that gap in google with my solution.

So it seemed to be random. I would open a lighthouse tab, log in, go do some work, come back to the tab, hit refresh, and I would be logged in as someone else. That someone else was a work colleague, and was only logging me in as him. It happened 3 times before I figured something fishy was going on. At first I thought he just used my computer and forgot to log out.

We ended up tracking it down to the use of lighthouse API keys logging you in on any existing tabs of lighthouse. So the API keys were as good as a password.

This is one of those puzzles that simply seem impossible, but ends up being so obvious once you find it. Also, things are never as random as they seem.


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