Make an opinion, to throw it away

I’ve faced a number of challenges when it comes to software development since I started school at Seneca 3 years ago, and started work at CDOT one year ago. Syntax, APIs, style, communication, research, to name a few, all had one thing in common. They all had clear and final answers, I just had to find them. I am sure one could make the argument that they only had clear answers AFTER they were solved, but, while solving them, I still knew there was an ultimate, logical, correct destination. Once found, the answer worked for almost every case after that.

The challenge I find myself facing now, is that of my own opinion. No one opinion can be used for every problem, for every person.

I spend a lot of time, going through an iteration, or a solution to a problem, that I may not agree with, but I do anyway simply because I lack an opinion. I’m shown something, I don’t know what I think of it, so I do it, and figure I can make a better opinion of it after it’s done, which I never get a chance to, Because in order to find my opinion I will have to solve every problem once, for every solution, then, and only then, can I say what I truly think. A good example is I not-so-long-ago helped port browser mouse events in processing.js, to safari touch events on the iP(od/ad/hone). I lost the argument (I don’t think anyone was on my side) do I still think I was right? No. Do I think the solution that was used was right? No. There probably isn’t a right solution, just opinions.

The proposed solution is:

Make an opinion, then throw it away, and let logic determine what’s best. Logic must have, or is real proof, so I would need to “solve every problem once, for every solution”, only difference is, I’m able to throw it away for the next problem, because I know it won’t be viable for every problem.

My solution doesn’t really solve anything regarding opinions, I just changed my opinion of the problem.

There is an opinion for every problem, for every person. That is a lot of opinions… let’s move on.


3 Responses to “Make an opinion, to throw it away”

  1. One of the things I respect most about you, and how you work as a developer, is that you’re open to new ideas, and positive/optimistic with regard to potential solutions. You being in a place of curiosity, and not from an entrenched position. Being willing to wrong, willing to try and fail, willing also to succeed–these are amazing qualities.

  2. There is a English proverb, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

    I do agree that one way of verifying if a particular opinion is the best solution is to implement the opinion and grade it based on its results.
    This puts all the opinions on leveled playground since it is not about seniority or experience of the originator of the opinion but rather testing for what will get the job done the best way.

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