Popcorn.js + Butterapp + Universal Subtitles

Today, I finished up integrating Popcorn.js and butter with Universal Subtitles.


All you do is, enter a URL that has already been Universal Sub’ed on the opening page, under “Create a New Project”. Here is a URL you can test with:

Next step is, after the video loads, click “import project” on the top menu, and click “Universal Subtitles”.

This will load in all the subtitle data associated with that URL, via Universal Subtitles.

The subtitle data is not yet being displayed in the track, but I assure you, when you play the video, you should see subtitles over the video.

What is so cool about this is, you don’t have to sub the video yourself if someone already has. Just click “import project” -> “Universal Subtitles”. Also, once youtube lands inside butter, that should just click together!!!

Next step is, obviously, to display the subtitles in the timeline, but that will be much easier after my trackline ticket lands.


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