To a grade 6er, when is the web malleable?

Yesterday, while working with a classroom of grade 6ers on their Butter projects, as briefly mentioned in the end of a previous post. I had one of the kids ask me a pretty awesome question “which error console is the best”? He then showed me the FireFox error console, and web console. I responded to his question with “FireBug”, which he promptly responded to with “what’s that”? I said “It’s an add-on”.

Less than a minute later…

“OK, I have FireBug, now what”? I show him the very basics, like how to open it, how to move it to a new window, back to inside the browser, and where the shiny new console lives.

What was really cool, is when I showed him that you can change elements on the page, by selecting it, and changing it in the HTML tab. I showed him this by going to Google, and changing the text in the search bar to a bunch of nonsense. His eyes lit up, and he was on the path of destruction.

He hit a moment where the web was no longer a tool to get information or a toy, but a canvas that he can change. Luckily, he quickly understood that he was only changing his version of google, and not everyone else’s version of google. Few minutes later he was removing chunks of a webpage, because he could. He didn’t really understand his actions yet, until after he made the changes, and experienced the results. It’s a science.


3 Responses to “To a grade 6er, when is the web malleable?”

  1. Awesome blog Scott – It made my day.

    ~ Changing the world one child at a time 🙂

  2. Hey Scott, have you seen Hackasaurus and the X-Ray Goggles?

    Fun stuff!

  3. cool post :D, ah I remember those days…

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