San Francisco sprint

This week I have been in San Francisco’s Bay Area Video Coalition doing a butter.js and popcorn-maker sprint, along with getting in direct contact with people using this product.

I am finding how important it is to get into direct contact with people using your product because these are usually the people that are not part of your workflow, and thus don’t know how to get into contact with you. When using software, it is easy to forget that it was created by someone, that there is a human (or many) behind the software. I know I have done this, and it is usually when I am angry with software, I may even go so far as to curse the software by name, as if the software itself was a living entity that created itself. In reality, there is someone responsible for the software, with the ability to change it. Seeing this person makes it easy to put a face to the shadowy living entity that is software.

The rest of my time has been spent adding in new features and requests to Popcorn-Maker, which the current unreleased version can be found here.

The main thing I’ve done is incorporating timeline ticks under the video playhead, representing what time the video currently rests at.
Also, allowing the timeline area to zoom in or out by either using shift+mousewheel, or a scrollbar. The scrollbar UI was implemented by Dave Seifried.
Finally, using arrow keys to move the events and update the video’s playhead, which was initially implemented by Dave Seifried.

Some more depth.

When using arrow keys to move events, or the playhead, you can hold shift to move them on a larger increment.
You can also hold ctrl when moving events to anchor one side, to stretch the event, instead of moving it. You can then hold shift and ctrl, to expand on a larger increment, then do this while holding ctrl, shift and left and right at the same time, and you can stretch both sides of the event, while keeping the event centered.

I initially had the zoom at 6 layers, but users were requesting a larger number of layers, so I changed it to 12.

Again, you can try it out here.


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  1. […] used to move track events left and right on a track. Scott also added in even more functionality (which is outlined in his blog post here ) for moving track events in greater increments and allowing us to increase decrease there size via […]

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