Firefox bug 677122 so far

I have been working on Firefox bug 677122 and have come to a sort of cross roads.

The problem in the bug is that a media fragment of a video document will not update changes unless you do a refresh of the page.

The media fragment parsing happens once the video’s meta data is loaded, which makes sense. So it is obvious why the fragment doesn’t get re parsed without a refresh. Something I did notice though, in the anchor code a string with the media fragment data does get passed in, but I have not found it using this data for anything. Seems like a waste, and to me it would make sense to just do all media fragment parsing then. One point, instead of two. I cannot simply refresh the video when it is already loaded, nor can I set the video’s playback position if it did not get loaded.

My options are to hook into the anchor code, parse for “t=10,100”, if we are a video doc, and video is loaded, call media fragment parser, if the video is not loaded, setup an event of some sort. One path to all “#” at end of URL, two ways to parse it (media fragment or anchor), loaded or not. Or, keep things the way they are, and just do half of what I said above; only update the fragment in the anchor parse if the video is already loaded.


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