Update on Firefox bug 677122

Last night I thought I made a lot of progress on Firefox bug 677122. Turns out, I just made some progress. I am building another option as I type this, so things may still be better than I think, but we’ll see.

What I have accomplished is getting a reference to the video element, inside the video document, at the time the user clicks enter while selecting the address bar that has some media fragment data. Test video link.

I also accomplished exposing the ProcessMediaFragmentURI function to this scope. This was my initial goal, and what I hoped could be the finish line. That function should be doing all I need and This is a huge step, but there is one small problem. That function crashes if the video has already been loaded.

I am still wrapping my head around why this happens. What I do know:

The existing code only calls ProcessMediaFragmentURI inside the MetaDataLoaded. So currently, this function is only ever called during a load.

So, from inside ProcessMediaFragmentURI, GetCurrentSpec is being called. It hits line 2880 and checks if something called mLoadingSrc is true. If the video is already loaded, this enters an object, and starts the process of a termination of the browser.

I have options. I can either investigate this termination, possible bug, and make the ProcessMediaFragment function work on loaded and playing videos. Or, I can figuring out how to properly call LoadWithChannel, which will call ProcessMediaFragment inside a loading context. The later is what I am currently building, as it seem like the path of least resistance. But, I suspect it may not be the best solution in the end.


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