Quick update on my Firefox bug

So, my “working” fix for Firefox bug 677122 will not actually work.

It will potentially break any anchor names that look like media fragment code.

Example “#t=50,100” is, unfortunately, a valid anchor name. I am going to need to get more specific with my check, which is fine. I figure I would instead of doing a check on the string, do a check to see if the document is a MediaDocument, as MediaDocuments cannot (that I know of) have anchors.

I took hump’s advice, and asked for help in the #introduction channel on IRC.

I got a reply in less than two minutes from a “jdm”. I never did figure out his real name, but I thanked him as jdm.

Jdm’s advice was to check for MozSyntheticDocument. This makes sense for me. MozSyntheticDocument is a readonly boolean value attached to the nsIDOMDocument. I was able to get a reference to this document, breakpointed it, and it is confirmed to be what I want, except when I try to compile, I get an error that MozSyntheticDocument does not exist…

I searched MXR for SyntheticDocument, and found some other interesting bits. A mIsSyntheticDocument which is protected, but exposed via a IsSyntheticDocument function which is attached to the msIDocument.

I grabbed a reference to msIDocument, same deal, not there. Hmm.

Also tried a GetMozSyntheticDocument function, attached to nsDocument. Frustratingly enough, also not there…

Then it hit me what could be wrong… I have been using MXR as a reference, then go in and write my code, without double checking that MY code was up to date, and had the functionality I was seeing on MRX. Currently doing an update. Will post again soon with updates.


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