Update on my update to my Firefox bug.

An update to my last post, and my bug.

Turns out, it was an update issue. My code was simply out of date, and what I needed was so new it was still hot. A good and quick lesson.

Initially after the update, I could no longer build, but some more advice led me to doing a clobber build and it worked fine. Another good quick lesson.

Also, my fix is now working and much better than it was before.

Before, I would check if the anchor string looked like a media fragment, but a media fragment string could also be a valid anchor.

My new fix simply changes the same check to see if the document is a synthetic one. Looks like this “!document->IsSyntheticDocument()”.

A synthetic document is something like viewing an image, audio, or video file in a new tab. This is also good, because there is no point in entering the anchor logic if an anchor is not valid in the loading document.

I should have a patch up tomorrow, with a new blog.


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