OSD 700 project release 0.5

So, my release for this week is a much better fix than before to bug 677122, and it is now in review.

This release started with canceling anchor code via a search in a string for what I thought was a valid case, but it turns out a string like this “#t=50,100″ is, unfortunately, a valid anchor name.

I asked for help, and was pointed to a boolean variable MozSyntheticDocument. Ended up not being exactly what I needed, as it was a protected member variable, but it started me down the path to finding the public getter function IsSyntheticDocument.

I wired it all together by getting an instance of the document as a nsIDocument, and was able to call the IsSyntheticDocument from that.

I updated a comment regarding the code I was working on, to illustrate the changes. I fixed a typo while I was at it!

My whole fix is centered around one if statement, that checked if a variable doShortCircuitedLoad is true. Basically, doShortCircuitedLoad happens if:

a) we’re navigating between two different SHEntries which have the same document identifiers, or

b) we’re navigating to a new shentry whose URI differs from the current URI only in its hash, the new hash is non-empty, and we’re not doing a POST.

Previously, I would just add my check next to the doShortCircuitedLoad check, so looked like this “if (doShortCircuitedLoad && myCheck) {” now, I added some logic in the doShortCircuitedLoad declaration, so it’s all in one place. Much cleaner.

Finally, there was a variable doHashchange, that was defined outside this if statement, it was only ever referenced inside the if, and was only ever true if doShortCircuitedLoad was also true. I moved its declaration into the if, and dropped the dependency of doShortCircuitedLoad, as we’re only ever going to touch the variable if doShortCircuitedLoad is already true.

Then put it into review.

I suspect my next task is to find someone specific to review it.


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