OSD 0.7

This project release was a pretty small release.

I took a r- with some nits, and turned it into an r+.

I mentioned in my last release I tried to get the nits into the last release, but ended up running out of time due to a strange error.

The error ended up being pretty simple, just not something I knew to look for. The answer came to me chatting over lunch with David Humphrey. I was changing a function that was returning a nsresult to return void. I have done this many times, so I know I had to change it in three places. The cpp file, the dot h file, and the return statement itself inside the function. Still would not build, and the error message was not being very clear. I was looking at my code, and not seeing anything I thought was wrong, so I thought it was something wrong with the build process. This was obviously a time sink…

David said right away I am probably returning inside a macro. Ended up being NS_ENSURE_TRUE would return a nsresult. I switched it to a check and return of my own, fixed up the other nits, built it, made a patch, submitted it, and got an r+. This is just a one time cost, though. I will never have to hit this again, and will always know to check for macros when I get weird errors. Also, it is hard to find macros on mxr so now I know to use dxr for this. I have found the macro I was snagged on, on dxr. Can clearly see the return there. Again, this is one of those one time costs, and gotchya moment that will not happen again. Pretty good experience if you ask me.

Now I need tests and to figure out the next step of review. Until then, I am going to look into building a fonts API! Just starting on this, but will have more about what it is about for my next release.


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