OSD 0.8

The bulk of this release is my preliminary work on font a fontready event.

I initially wanted to have a test going for my my Firefox ticket (677122) but it turned out to be more of a learning curve than I expected, and not a test suite like the ones I was familiar with. I will have to push it to 0.9.

I did manage to accomplish all I set out to do in the short time I did it regarding fontready. It ended up being much much easier than 677122, but that might be due to the experience from 677122.

There is a Firefox ticket for fontready, but I really don’t think there is much more to say about it. Font ready is obviously a feature that is in demand, and I have no doubts it will eventually be in the browser, the question is a matter of how it will look. What I was attempting to solve is more to get my ideas out there, generate whatever interest I can, and help the people currently trying to get this attention. I feel demos and patches do that goal more justice than talking. This is only a start.

My first blog post on this was me figuring out when and how @font-face was loaded. I wrote this blog along side my exploring the code, so it is kinda like a narrative, which is fun. I ended up nailing down exactly the location in the code I needed. Went much more smooth than 677122 that’s for sure.

Second blog post was figuring out how to actually trigger the event “fontready”. This was also much easier than expected. I am going to have to go back to this, though, to get the event data in the callback to be something a little more meaningful, but this will require knowledge in what is meaningful to someone using this.

Third blog post was a demonstration of how it can be used to solf a real problem in using fonts in canvas.

There is interest on the chrome side of things, but not enough. There is also interest in making fonts load synchronously. While this solves the problem, and is better than nothing. What happens if a large font is needed? The developer needs more control over this. Fontready is still a much better solution, imo. I myself need to kick it into another level. This can be proven by googling fontready, and finding I am the one that comes up at the time of writing this.

My next release will be a pdf.js patch to use my fontready patch, fontready event data, and a test for 677122.


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