OSD 700 0.9

Almost finished!

This release is another patch for bug 677122, and a patch for pdf.js that uses fontready instead of firing a load event inside an iframe.

I thought I was finished 677122, but it turns out I was failing tests, so I had to go back.

I was inserting my hashchange script onto the head of the mediaDocument, but it turns out inside the c++ code a mediaDocument is images, addons, audio and video documents, and not just audio and video. Image documents do things in a slightly different order, so at the time I insert into the head, image documents don’t yet have a head. Crash. There were two ways to fix this. Either check for head, to be safe, or move this code off mediaDocument and on to videoDocument. It turns out videoDocument is also for audio, so that ended up being perfect!

I also noticed my own test would fail at times. It would only run one test, and fail it. Looked like ended was being fired with non of the other tests being hit. I added the ended test for this reason, as to get a fail, and not a timeout. I ran the test again on my machine, pass. So I decided to run it again, refresh, fail. It would fail consistently on every consecutive refresh. It would go into what looked like streaming mode, and not fire any of my events I listen for, until it ends, then it would fail. Looks like a bug to me, still not sure what yet. I cannot reproduce it outside of mochitests, so if it is a bug, it is not so simple. I thought maybe the refresh wasn’t doing a complete refresh, so I decided to make the iframe myself, instead of leaving it in the markup. So, I create my iframe with createElement and insert it. It passes, refresh, passes. Weird. Push it back to try, no more failures on my test.

The results of my final try have 6 orange failures. I am getting the impression that the ones left are OK, but we’ll see. Boris has been really fast with reviews up to this point, so I hope it won’t be an issue, as I want it landing for my 1.0.

My results from the pdf.js hacking are basically rewiring a load event on an iframe, sending a message to the parent via postmessage, that the fonts are ready.

Apparently @font-face triggers a load event when it is done, if it was defined statically, if it is defined later after the load event, obviously, won’t receive another load event. A way around this is to setup an iframe with the dynamic @font-face statically injected into a new iframe, which passes the load out into the parent.

So I just cut out all the iframe business, and replaced it with my fontready event. This will be fired for each and every consecutive @font-face load.

There is still the need to have to create an element that uses that @font-face before it’ll start the loading, so I had to leave the code to do that for now.

This is 2/3 things that I intended for this release. The other being passing an object into the fontready event, which, was more of a task than I guessed. Not something that can be done in a few days. I have a start, but that must wait for now.

Next release I’ll land 677122, remove the need for a @font-face to be used before it starts the load, and hopefully an update on a fontready object. I also intend to do a post on what I have learned about the quirks of @font-face, what should change, and why, and a post on everything I did this semester.


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