OSD 1.0

This release is primarily a fix for my test on 677122. It has been pretty rough trying to get this test to be stable. It has tendencies to intermittently go into what looks like it’s streaming.

My newest patch, attempts to solve this by waiting for the current event to be finished, before firing the next test by calling SimpleTest.executeSoon(next); instead of just next(); This puts a new event on the stack, that fires the intended function. The next event on the stack will not fire until the current one returns. This way, we can be sure things are done in a sane, debuggable manner. Even this doesn’t fix the problem, which it didn’t, it is still imo good to do.

With the way my test is written, the frequency of this streaming mode is about one out of ten. After much trial and error I was able to reduce the test to failing every time, and filed that 747584.

The reason streaming mode is such a problem is this. I am testing that a video document triggers a time change on a media fragment hash change. I have covered this pretty extensively up to now, and my fix is solid. So to test it, I setup an iframe, a load event on the iframe, get the video resource on there, and listen for a seek, pause, end etc. when the video loads, it seeks to the media fragment time, right at load. But, if we’re streaming, at load, the duration is pretty much at the beginning, and streams only have a duration up to where they have played, so a seek beyond the current duration is not possible.

This only happens inside a mochitest, and only if the iframe src is remote. Something to do with the http server mochitests use, or so I thought. I to notice streaming also comes from js errors. Again, mochitests only. Also, because it would sometimes stream without a js error, and always with a js error. I thought maybe there was a connection, so I looked over my code, trying to clean it. While I did this, I got some advice to also move the iframe into the html, and attach the load function to the iframe’s onload event. I would never of thought of this… I am so used to writing JavaScript with addEventListener, I overlooked adding it to the iframe.

Adding an onload event to the iframe, living in the html, seems to be the trick to get this in the zone. I have running it through the try server, trying to get it to fail. At this point, I am pretty skeptic that it’s fixed. I have done 3+ try pushes, so far so good, but I don’t want to rush. This is such a flaky, intermittent fail I want to be sure.

I also had another fail in my patch’s test. This one only happened once, but I believe I also reduced it to a test case that can happen all the time. I filed it as well.

This bug has taken me through all sorts of interesting code. Starting from the docshell, to the video/mediaDocument, through the mediaResource and iframe loading, and finally ending in the mochitest and related http server. I feel quite comfortable in the video/mediaDocument code. The rest is so so. I am also over bugzilla anxiety. Filing bugs there is quite easy now, and I don’t care so much if I make a mistake and look foolish, as I know people don’t judge as much as people think. It is always worse in your own head. Everyone has been here, and everyone is just trying to help. It can be overwhelming at first, and just takes time to get comfortable with it. It’s not just a learning curve, but also an psychological hurdle.

My experiences in this class have been much different than in the previous OSD. Both classes I was jumping into something new, but I felt the pjs parser clicked with me instantly. My sort of thing, this I have found to be a real challenge. Sometimes I was wishing I took and easy bug, or decided to stick with more pjs bugs, but then I would of learned nearly as much. I might not be an expert, but I have definitely opened up the Firefox code. I have the ability to change it, test it, run it, and make a patch. This is a valuable skill for anyone, in any field. Browsers are so powerful and important now a days, that if you can say you can make it do something else, I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t have at least one idea of what to add or change to it. That’s power. The automobile of my generation.


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