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Image cropping in Popcorn Maker

Posted in Uncategorized on September 18, 2013 by scottdowne

Image cropping has just landed in Popcorn Maker.

Previously, there was no way to get an image to fill the screen if its aspect ratio did not match, it was also impossible to only show part of an image.

Now, you can stretch, fill and crop images.

Step 1 is to add an image track event.


You’ll notice it fills its space, and adds white to either side to fill up the aspect ratio of the media.

Second step is to double click it. This enters you into edit mode, and in the case of an image track event, edit mode is cropping.


Then you can drag the image off to one side or the other. You’ll notice the parts that are being cropped are transparent.

Step 3. If you click off the image, you’ll exit cropping mode. This does the crop, and displays the image how the project viewer is going to see it. You can always double click on the image again to re enter crop mode, and find you didn’t lose any of the image. It is just hidden.


If you look close at the above image though, you see the white to the right of the photo.

Step 4. You can remove that white by dragging the right viewport handle to crop out the white. Seen below, there is no longer a green border. I probably should of centered it, but ah well, you get the idea.


Step 5: Yay, now we can copy it and place them side by side! More foxes!


Step 6 because why not, let’s preview it.


There you have it, image cropping in popcorn maker!

Also made a popcorn tutorial out of popcorn showing this:

Thoughts? Comment below, let me know.